Hire Purchase Agreement Format India

When it comes to purchasing big-ticket items such as cars, furniture, or home appliances, hire purchase agreements can be a great option for many people. These agreements allow you to enjoy the benefits of a product while paying for it in installments over time. In this article, we’ll go over the basics of hire purchase agreements in India and provide an example format of a typical agreement.

What is a Hire Purchase Agreement?

A hire purchase agreement is a type of financing arrangement in which a buyer agrees to pay for a product over a set period of time while using it at the same time. The seller retains ownership of the item until the buyer has fully paid for it. Once payment is complete, the ownership of the item is transferred to the buyer. This type of agreement can often be beneficial for buyers who may not have the full funds available to purchase an item outright.

Requirements for a Hire Purchase Agreement in India

In India, hire purchase agreements are governed by the Hire Purchase Act of 1972. This act regulates the terms and conditions of hire purchase agreements and is applicable to transactions in which an asset is hired for a period of time and the hirer has the option to purchase it. Some of the key requirements for a hire purchase agreement in India include:

– The agreement must be in writing and signed by both parties.

– The buyer must be clearly identified in the agreement.

– The seller must be identified in the agreement and must be a registered business.

– The details of the item being purchased must be clearly stated in the agreement, including its make, model, and condition.

– The total purchase price, the deposit amount, and the installments to be paid must be specified in the agreement.

Example Format of a Hire Purchase Agreement in India

Below is an example format of a typical hire purchase agreement in India:

Hire Purchase Agreement

This Hire Purchase Agreement (the “Agreement”) is made on [insert date] between [insert seller’s name], a registered business located at [insert address] (“Seller”), and [insert buyer’s name], located at [insert buyer’s address] (“Buyer”).

1. Item Description

The Seller agrees to hire to the Buyer the following item (the “Item”), which is in good condition:

[Insert item description, including make, model, and any notable features]

2. Purchase Price

The total purchase price of the Item is [insert purchase price]. The Buyer agrees to make a deposit of [insert deposit amount] and to pay the remaining balance in [insert number of] equal installments of [insert installment amount] each. The first installment is due on [insert date], and subsequent installments are due on the [insert day] of each month thereafter.

3. Ownership

Ownership of the Item will remain with the Seller until the Buyer has made the full payment amount. Upon making the final installment, ownership will be transferred to the Buyer.

4. Delivery and Maintenance

The Seller agrees to deliver the Item to the Buyer on [insert date]. The Buyer is responsible for maintaining the Item in good condition and returning it to the Seller if the Agreement is terminated prior to the full payment.

5. Termination

The Seller has the right to terminate the Agreement if the Buyer defaults on any payment or breaches any term of this Agreement. In such cases, the Seller has the right to repossess the Item and retain all payments made by the Buyer up to that point as compensation.

6. Governing Law

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India.

7. Entire Agreement

This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the parties and supersedes all prior negotiations or understandings.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this Agreement on the date and year first above written.

[Seller`s Signature] [Buyer`s Signature]

[Seller`s Name] [Buyer`s Name]


Hire purchase agreements can be a helpful option for buyers when purchasing high-cost items. Understanding the requirements and terms of a hire purchase agreement in India is important to ensure that both parties are protected. By following the Hire Purchase Act of 1972 and using a format similar to the one provided above, you can create a legally binding and fair agreement for both parties.